Skunk2 Cold Air Intake Into 06-11 Honda Civic Si Installation Guide

Cold Air Intake Installation Guide

Skunk2’s all-new Cold-Air Intake system for the ’06-’11 Civic Si is the most comprehensive kit available.

Each kit includes relocation hardware for the battery, ECU, fuse box, and cooling system reservoir tank as well as high-quality stainless steel hose clamps and mounting hardware. Unlike other intake systems, only Skunk2’s unique design and brackets allow for the OEM battery to be retained. A specially shaped, silicone upper radiator hose is also included with each kit to ensure maximum clearance for the intake tubing and proper fitment.

With a fair amount of parts included, we figured that a video demonstrating how to install the system might help. Check it out.

Posted by Hans Desjarlais

After accidentally locking himself in a scrapped '85 Renault for several hours at the age of 5 years old, Hans developed a love/hate relationship with cars which eventually became an obsession. Right out of high school Hans started his first business importing and selling Japanese engines. After selling the business in 2008, he launched Import Insider to obsessively cover the auto industry and offer advice and tips to import car enthusiasts.


  1. Hello, Hans Desjarlais. You have done a fantastic job on thos write up. I have only one question . I want an h22a motor and i want to put it onto a 5th gen eg civic .
    In the 5th gen section you dont have a decription on fitting the h22a motor in there. Im just trying to have more of an idea about what im getting myself into 🙂 thanks and happy tuning

  2. Hi Kirk,

    You will need the following to do that swap,

    1. H22a engine
    2. B18B or C trans, with shift linkage and axels (from same)
    3. Wiring harness from B18B or C
    4. Custom Motor Mount kit
    5. Re-wire VTEC

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