Honda Engine Swaps 101 – What Fits Into What?

Honda Engine Swap Guide

Launched in 1972, the Honda Civic was born into a world that viewed the Ford Pinto as an acceptable form of transportation. It didn’t take long for people to realize that Civic was a much better car, and by the mid 2000’s, nearly 20 million Civics had been sold around the world.

EDITORS NOTE: We also suggest you read Honda/Acura Engine Swap Matrix.

People loved its ‘ideal’ size, attractive styling, and buyers who wanted a bit more, could opt for either a trendy Acura variant, or a sporty Del Sol. Another popular feature was the ability to modify your Civic or Integra without breaking the bank. You can easily swap your carbureted engine for a more powerful VTEC engine. Or build a turbocharged pocket-rocket capable of turning an 11-second quarter mile. What you build is up to you, but you need to consider every aspect of the build, before you get started.

VTEC & OBD Systems

It’s easy enough to drop an engine into a car, but you have to consider compatibility. The On-Board Diagnostic (OBD) systems play a huge role in how a particular engine works. For example, most pre-1991 Honda engines don’t use oxygen sensors or complicated emission control systems, so they’re considered OBD 0. From 1992-1995, federal regulations mandated the use of emission controls, so these OBD 1 engines require a bit more wiring and electronics than their predecessors. 1996-1998 engines use the more complex OBD 2 system, while 1999-2000 motors are considered OBD 2b. It’s illegal in some states, to put an OBD 0 engine into a vehicle designed for an OBD 1 engine etc. etc. So be sure to check your local laws before performing an engine swap like this.

Popular Engine Swaps

ZC – $500 – $800 – One of the most common engine transplants involves putting a twin-cam ZC engine into a 4th-Gen Civic or CRX. This JDM engine was used in the hot mid-80’s CRX Si, and featured around 130-hp and 105 lb-ft of torque. As a D-Series powerplant, it’s a direct bolt-in replacement, and it will work with all D-Series cable transmissions. A transmission from an actual Si will provide better acceleration due to its optimized gear ratio, but a DX and HF transmission will work as well. If you choose to use a matching transmission, you’ll have to use the axles and intermediate shaft from the ZC, or a D16A1/3. As an OBD 0 engine, you can use the ECU that came with the ZC engine, a D16A6 ECU from an Si, or a D16A1/3 from an Acura Integra.

D16Z6 – $600 – $800 – If you really want to upgrade to VTEC, the D16Z6 is an affordable option. Commonly found in the 1992-1995 Civic Si & 1993-1995 Del Sol Si, this single-cam VTEC engine provides 125 stock horsepower and 106 lb-ft with a 7,600 redline. This (bolt-in) D16 long-block engine is typically mated to a D-Series cable transmission (don’t forget, 5th and 6th generation Civics use a hydraulic transmission), and you can use the D16Z6 ECU, or add a VTEC controller to the stock ECU.

B16A2 / B16A3 – $1,200 – $1,600 – If you want to put this 160-hp engine in your 4th-Gen Civic, then you’ll have to upgrade to new motor mounts, like those from Hasport Racing. This engine was designed to work with a cable transmission, so you’ll also have to use the B16A axles, intermediate shaft, and ECU.

B17A – $1,800 – $2,400 – Originally used in the 1992-1993 Acura Integra GSR, this OBD 1 mill cranked out a healthy 160-hp and 117 lb-ft of torque. It uses a cable transmission, and you’ll need a mounting kit (Hasport and Place Racing sell them) in order to swap it into a 4th-generation Civic.

B18C1 – $1,200 – $2,400 – Used in the hot 1994-2001 Acura Integra GSR, this DOHC VTEC motor makes a lusty 170-hp / 128 lb-ft, and it can turn any Civic into a genuine pocket-rocket. If you’re planning to put one of these OBD2 engines into a 1995 or later Civic, then you won’t have much of a problem. However, if you’re planning to retrofit it into an earlier car, then you’ll want to pick up a conversion wiring harness from a company like Skunk2.

B18C5 – $3,000 – $5,000 – Standard on the 1997-2001 Acura Integra Type R, this high-revving little engine comes twin hi-po cams, a lightweight valvetrain, a 10.6:1 compression ratio, and a stout 8400 rpm redline. Wind this puppy up and you’ll get 195-hp and 128 lb-ft of torque. It came mated to a slick-shifting ITR gearbox that includes a LSD setup.

H22A – $1,500 – $3,000 – Although not ideal for use in a Civic, the powerful Honda H22 engine was standard fare in the 4th generation Prelude Si VTEC and some JDM Accords. It weighs around 85 lbs more than a typical GSR motor (transmission included), so you’ll have to lighten the front end, and modify the suspension to handle the extra weight. You may also encounter clearance problems with the air conditioning and other systems. Mounting kits are available, but this swap can quickly become expensive and aggravating. Power output ranges from 190-220-hp, with a torque tally of 150-160 lb-ft.

D16Y8 – $1,200 – $1,800 – This SOHC VTEC motor is typically found in the 1996-2000 Honda Civic EX and 1996-1997 Del Sol Si. It’s similar in design to the D16Z6, however this 127-hp OBD2 mill uses square combustion chambers, resulting in a higher compression ratio.

Mini-Me / Frankenstein Hybrid VTEC Motor – If you have some experience building engines, then you might consider making a high-revving little hybrid VTEC motor. Typically, this type of engine can be created with the bottom-end of a DX 1.5L, and the VTEC head from either a D16Z6 or D16Y8. The DX 1.5L’s rod/stroke ratio allow for a dizzying 8000 rpm redline, and a significant increase in compression.

K20A2 – $1,200 – $4,000 – Found in the 2002-2004 Acura RSX Type-S, this high-revving (7400 rpm redline) little powerplant spits out an impressive 200-hp / 142 lb-ft of torque, and it can be swapped directly into the 9th-Generation Civic Si. The Acura engine came mated to a 6-speed manual, so you can either keep the Civic’s 5-speed gearbox, or modify the shift linkage to work with the Acura’s 6-speed.

4th Generation 1988-1991 Honda Civic

D16A8, D16A9, ZC – Bolt-in Swap

  • Throttle Cable – Stock
  • Transmissions – Matching D16A8 / D16A9 / ZC gearbox
  • Shift Linkage – Factory Civic or CRX
  • Axles – Factory Civic or CRX
  • Wiring – Works with the stock harness
  • Upper Radiator Hose – Stock
  • Lower Radiator Hose – Stock

Installation Notes – You may encounter clearance problems with the ZC motor. If this is the case, try installing a new hood, or modify the existing hood / valve cover.

B16A / B18B – Modification Required

  • Chassis Modification – You’ll need to make an indention in the passenger-side frame rail to provide clearance for the alternator pulley
  • Motor Mounts – You’ll need a mount kit from an aftermarket supplier like Hasport
  • Throttle Cable – 1990 Acura Integra
  • Transmission – J1 / S1 / Y1 / YS1 / A1
  • Shift Linkage – You can use an adjustable aftermarket shift linkage, or a modified (i.e. shortened) shift linkage from a 1990-1993 Acura Integra
  • Clutch Cable – Stock
  • Axles – B16A  axles / B18B axles
  • Wiring – B16A – On STD / Standard, DX, and LX models equipped with dual point injection, the wiring harness will need to be modified to work with port injection. To use a PW0 or PR3 ECU, you’ll need to add four wires, along with the VTEC controller, VTEC oil pressure switch, a second oxygen sensor and a knock sensor.
  • Wiring – B16B – On Si, EX and HF models equipped with port injection, you’ll need to adapt the existing wiring harness to fit. For models equipped with dual point injection, the wiring harness will need to be modified to work with port injection. Custom wiring harnesses are also available through aftermarket suppliers like Hasport.
  • Upper Radiator Hose – 1992 Acura Integra GSR – trimmed to fit
  • Lower Radiator Hose – 1990 Acura Integra – trimmed to fit
  • Air Conditioning – Requires Hasport AC bracket and stock AC compressor
  • Emission Controls – In order to make the EVAP system work, you’re going to need to provide vacuum for the purge cutoff solenoid valve by splicing it into the fuel pressure regulator

4th Generation Civic / CRX (1989-1991) OBD 1 / OBD 2 Engine Swap

Putting a later model engine into your 4th-gen Civic or CRX, will obviously make huge difference in the performance. But you’re going to be making a lot of modifications to make everything work.

  • Fuel Injection – If the car originally came with dual point injection, it will have to be converted to run port injection
  • Transmissions – All Acura motors 1994 and newer (like a B18C1), and Honda motors 1992 and up (like a D16Z6), are designed to work with hydraulic transmissions. To make your the cable chassis in your ‘89-’91 Civic / CRX compatible with a hydraulic D / B / H / K-Series gearbox, you’ll need a cable-to-hydro conversion kit from Hasport or INNOVATIVE. You’ll also need to use the left bracket from a 1990-1993 Acura Integra.
  • ECU – Ideally, you should use the ECU that came with the engine. However, you may have modify the wiring and programming in order to make everything work properly. If you’ve built your own ‘Frankenstein’, like an LS-VTEC or a CR-VTEC, then you’ll want to use the ECU that matches the head and distributor. Or, you could use a programmable aftermarket ECU.


B16A2 / B16A2 / B16B / B17A / B18C / B18C5 – Modifications Required

  • Chassis Modification – You’ll need to make an indention in the passenger-side frame rail to provide clearance for the alternator pulley
  • Motor Mounts – You’ll need a mount kit from an aftermarket supplier like Hasport. If you’re transplanting a 1994 or newer engine, the mount nearest the timing belt will need to be swapped for one from a 1990-1993 Acura.
  • Throttle Cable – 1990 Acura Integra
  • Transmission – For the B17A, use the gearbox that matches the engine. Otherwise, you can use a cable-operated B-series transmission, including the S1 / J1 / A1 / Y1 / YS1
  • Transmission Mounts – You’ll need to use the Hasport M88-B16-10 bolt-in mount.
  • Shift Linkage – You can use a shortened shift linkage from a 1990-1993 Acura Integra, or an aftermarket substitute from a company like Hasport
  • Axles – After some modification, the axles that match the engine should work just fine. If you’re using the axles from a 1994 or newer car, you’ll need to swap out the left-side transmission seal for the intermediate shaft, for a similar seal from a 1994 Acura Integra.
  • Wiring – In most cases, you can use the fuel injectors, ECU and distributor from a 1989-1991 B16A. The stock wiring harness in Si, HF, EX cars can usually be adapted to work with the engine. However, you’ll also need a Hasport conversion harness (W88-Si-VTEC) for the VTEC controller.
  • Upper Radiator Hose – 1992 Acura Integra GSR – trimmed to fit
  • Lower Radiator Hose – 1990 Acura Integra – trimmed to fit
  • Air Conditioning – Requires Hasport AC bracket and stock AC compressor

5th Generation 1991-1995 Honda Civic

B16A2 / B16A3 / B18B / H22A – Bolt-in Swap

Installation Notes – The VTEC controller will need to wired in, and Hasport shift linkage will need to be used

B17A – Modification Required

Installation Notes – The VTEC controller will need to wired in, and you’ll need to use either a cable to hydraulic transmission conversion kit, or a hydraulic B-Series transmission.

B18C1 / D16Z6 / D16Y8 – Bolt-in Swap

Installation Notes – The VTEC controller will need to wired in

B18C5 / B16B – Modification Required

Installation Notes – The VTEC controller will need to wired in, and you’ll need to convert the car to accept OBD 2.

B16A – Not Recommended

Installation Notes – The modifications needed to make this engine work in a 5th-gen Civic are far too costly and labor intensive when compared to the more affordable B16A2 / B16A3.

6th Generation 1996-2000 Honda Civic

B18C1 / B16A2 / B18C5 / B16B / D16Y8 – Bolt-in Swap

Installation Notes – The VTEC controller will need to wired in

B16A3 / D16Z6 – Bolt-in Swap

Installation Notes – The VTEC controller will need to wired in, and you’ll need to convert the car to accept OBD 1.

B18B1 – Bolt-in Swap

H22A – Modification Required

Installation Notes – The VTEC controller will need to wired in, and Hasport shift linkage will need to be used.

7th Generation 2001-2005 Honda Civic

K20A2 – Bolt-in Swap

Installation Notes – The stock shift linkage will require modification. Or, you can purchase an aftermarket shift linkage.

K24 – Mostly bolt-in swap
Found in the 2002+ CRV, shift linkage needs to be modified.

Posted by Hans Desjarlais

After accidentally locking himself in a scrapped '85 Renault for several hours at the age of 5 years old, Hans developed a love/hate relationship with cars which eventually became an obsession. Right out of high school Hans started his first business importing and selling Japanese engines. After selling the business in 2008, he launched Import Insider to obsessively cover the auto industry and offer advice and tips to import car enthusiasts.


    • So if I wanted to swap a b18c1 motor from a 98 gsr into a 95 del sol… i would need the motor, trans, ecu, shift linkage, and axles…. as well as the obd1 to obd2 conversion harness correct? but the motor will bolt right into the del sol?

        • We have an article on how to rewire the VTEC on our site. Go to the home page and look under the Most Popular posts section on the right.

          • i have a 1994 Acura integra with a b18b10 i bought a b18b some parts are not interchangeable what are they

          • Hello Jeff,

            The USDM and JDM B18B engines are identical except fora few minor things. To drop it into your car just use the block and head from the JDM B18B and use the rest of the accessories from your existing B18B1 engine.

        • My Son drove a 1989 Honda Civic LX Hatch Back to work until it blew a head gasket! It has no air conditioning and a automatic transmission! I am considered an excellent Mechanic. I rebuilt the original engine with loving care; as I didn’t want Him stranded! I used all new quality parts and even a multi layer steel head gasket. I have been told these engines are weak because of the way they were cast with the standing cylinders. I am reluctant to build this engine because of this! (it wasn’t a cooling problem; had new radiator and hoses, fans worked properly!)
          Instead; I would like to know what later model engine will bolt in,
          place of this one with minor modifications? I am not financially able tom spend a lot on this; it is just to drive to work and back, basic transportation wit no problems!

        • what transmission can fit into 1990 Honda prelude 2litre engine (obd 0)? I live in Botswana and so parts of this car are hard to find

      • Will a ZC 6211 engine bolt up to a d series tranny?? im trying to put the motor in my 94 Honda civic that currently has a 1.5l engine in it.

          • Hi Hans! i have a Honda Prelude 1990 model 2l engine. it uses an automatic gearbox. This gearbox has a lot of problems, it cannot engage into gear 3&4 as wel as reverse. Ive tried to fix it but works only a couple of months and the problem starts again. I cant find a second hand gearbox any where to buy, so i thought they may be other cars that may have a similar gearbox that can fit into mine but i dont know which if they are any. Pliz help.

          • Hi Micah, unfortunately you don’t have much choice. You *may* be able to swap for the same year Accord trans but not 100% sure.

    • Okay, so i have a 91 integra. i cracked the block and am not looking to rebuild it. I was wonding what motors would bolt up easily and work with my trans. etc. if you could help me out that would be great! Just to be clear the person who owned the car before me put a b16a1 in the car. so thats what i’m running.

  1. Yeah I have a 2001 civic lx will a d16 z6 fit in that chasis if so what kinda of mods will I have to make so that it fits if it is compatible at all like is there any conversions I would to make as far as obd2 to obd2b

    • Hi Zeke,

      If you are putting in a 96-98 model B18 or B16 which is OBD2A you will just need a small adapter to convert to OBD2B.

  2. ok i am really confused on all this wirring and ecu stuff, ok i got a 1994 integra ls shell and then got a 2000 gsr b18c1 engine. according to you my 94 ls is obd1 and my gsr motor is obd2b, i just got a p72 obd2 ecu and i was wondering can i get a odb1 engine harness and a obd1-obd2 jumper harness and connect it to my ecu?? or what kind of set up do i need so everything will work properly especially the vtec? if you could let me know that would be great. thanks

    • Hi Yuriy,

      Yes you can use the harness from your 94 Integra. You will need a OBD1 to OBD2B ecu adapter in order to plug in the ECU and then you will need to rewire the 3 VTEC wires directly from the engine to the ECU.

  3. I just bought a 1990 honda civic ef2 lx with a B20z engine and B16 heads, does anyone know the back ground on these types of swaps or any thoughts this ??


  4. Hi Frank,

    These are usually called Frankenstein swaps. Similar to the LS/VTEC swap. The B20Z engine is actually harder to find than the B20B and has a little more HP.

    The issue with these engines is that they tend to blow easily and leak from the head gasket.

    • Thank You Hans,

      this is why i was asking, i tend to see oil leaking from the gasket out into the engine.

      is there anything i can do to keep this swap healthy and strong ???

      BTW i do notice the stronger HP on this compared to others,,

      • Hmm yeah that sucks. Unfortunately not much you can do.

        Is there a lot of oil leaking? If not you’ll have to keep adding oil.

        I’m not a mechanic so I can’t really say for sure but besides changing the head gasket I don’t know exactly what else can be done.

  5. hey guys and gals. does anyome knw if a b18 motor fit on a d16b tranny if it does wat kind of modification would i need to do. and what parts would i need.??

      • i put a d15b7 head on d16y7 block eagle h beam rods, arias pistons, stage 4 crower web cam w/upgraded valve springs, aem adjustable timing gear, aem fuel rail, it’s in my 89 h/f crx missing half the sensors plugs what engine harness do i need i have p06 ecu w/adapter harness

  6. ok, so i can use my obd1 harness on my obd2 engine and use my p72 obd2 ecu with the obd1 to obd2b jumper harness and then wire the vtec in, thats one option but i was also wondering can i just use my obd1 engine harness and get a p72 obd1 ecu and use that? will all the plugs plug in from the obd1 harness to the obd2 engine because i tried to connect them and only like 5 actually went in, so if i want to run all obd1 what will i have to do with the wiring stuff??btw i have a 94 ls and a 2000 gsr engine (b18c1) thanks.

  7. Help please…… if i wana swap a 95 integra ls motor into my 92 civic cx hatchback that come stock with a d15b8 what would i need to change like ecu,harness,axles?
    And i think there both obd1

    • Hello Luis, you will need the engine, trans, ecu, axles and shift linkage from the Integra engine. You can use your existing harness but rewire the 3 VTEC wires directly from the ECU to the engine.

  8. i have`a 93 civic ex with a d16z6 and i want to put a b18b1 in it. what will i need to do? and what computer and wiring harness will i need to use

    • Hello Dave, you will need the engine, trans, ecu, axles and shift linkage from the Integra engine. You can use your existing harness but you will only need to run 1 VTEC wire from the ECU to your engine. You already have two of the three VTEC wires.

  9. I have a question I have a 99 honda civic lx and it just hit 235k miles and a most recent cross country drive has left it leaking oil out of a main seal. After pricing out would it would cost to rebuild the stock 1.6 liter engine we decided to just order an engine from JDM. The question is what engine can I put in it in place of the stock engine? like can I put the vtec 1.6 from the same year in or would I have to get a different wiring harness and mounts? and if I have to get a harness what is the biggest engine I can put in before having to alter the cv shafts and transmission?

  10. i have a 91 civic si with a b18a1 in it, i am thinking of doing a gsr swap but don’t know how expensive that will cost, and i don’t know what all i need to change to do this swap any advice would be very helpful.

    • Hi Alex, you will need the B18C GSR engine, trans, ecu, axles and shift linkage as well as the B series motor mount kit, which you probably already have. Also you’ll need a OBD0 to OBD1 ECU jumper harness. Then you’ll need to run the 3 VTEC wires directly from the ECU to the engine.

  11. Ok well all I’m wanting to know is Wat transmissions are compatible with a b18…. 2 get to the point I have a 96 acura integra ls automatic want to swap to a stick shift tranny Wat r my options to get the job done right

      • actually using an h2b kit that tranny/ enigine combo should be doable, the f series and h are interchangable so with the h2b conversion kit the tranny would fit, however depending on what your shell is, trans mounts could be hard to come by

    • Hi joan, a D series trans will only fit on a D series engine. So unless you change your trans you have to stick to a D series engine. So you could get the D16Y8 (1.6L SOHC VTEC) engine.

  12. hey i have a 1994 civic si hatch and i am puting b18c5 eng and tranny in it i no that i need ecu,axles,shift linkg,and jumper harness but will i need to do anything els that im forgeting

    • hi andres, you’ll need to wire the 3 VTEC wires directly from the ECU to the engine (since you don’t have VTEC right now in your car).

  13. Hey frank i have a 1993 honda civic hatch and i wanna swap a d16z6 into it but idk what would ve a good tranny to put with that? any advice that would help? will i need the same ecu or the one from the d16z6? and if any other mods i would need..

    • Hi Jose, i would recommend you get the trans from the D16Z6 as well as the engine and ECU. You’ll also need to rewire the 2 VTEC wires dorectly from the engine to the ECU.

  14. I have a 93 integra da that I’m putting a 95 b18c1 engine in. I know 90-93 integras dont have ELD(Electric Load Detector). Is there a way I can swap out a fuse box to make it work or is there a way I can wire up the ELD to actually read voltage and function like its supposed to?

  15. So I just bought a 1990 Acura Integra and it had a b18 engine of course but it’s done and so I’m looking to buy a new engine but does it matter what year or as long as its a b18 right it will work?

  16. i have a 95 integra with automatic transmission without engine (broken 1.6L), what engine should i put on ?

  17. looking to put a jdm motor in to a honda civic,which comes with a d16y7.the jdm motor im going to put in is a d16zc( will be using the stock intake). the issue im having is ,some one told me i have to change the oil pump for this to work ( the new motor has the mounting for the cps. but i was also told that the fluxuation or some thing to that effect, would make it run bad….if i was to just put the cps would it be ok??????
    help please………………………….thanks

  18. I have a 2004 civic Ex which was wrecked a few years back, the engine and transmission don’t seem to have suffered any damage. I was hoping to utilize this engine and was wondering which civic or integra chassis it will fit most easily. It is a D17A2 engine with the factory transmission.

  19. BTW: it has been difficult to find chassis of the same year or they are still very expensive so, I was hoping to find something between the years of 92 and up.

  20. I need to know which ecu I am supposto be running in my 2000 civic si with gsr swap simply all I want to do is pass inspection anything would be helpful please

  21. I got a 98 civic ex w/ D16Y8 (1.6L SOHC VTEC) engine. The engine just blew and now I got the wifes approval to either overhaul or replace the engine. Ive been searching the web to check out my options of swapping it out for a “better” one, It would be nice (ideally) to pay $5500 + for a “red top” swap kit but unfortunately my car is an automatic. Can convert it to a standard trans? and what engine would give the most bang for my buck with or without mounts, axles, harnesses, adapters, and or ecu’s replacement? thanks in advance for your time and cooperation.

  22. hi ive got a 98 cx hatch putting in a d16z6 i was wondering what would i need wiring wise so everything works properly and so the swap goes smoothly im a nooby to swaps but know lots about civics and all of this…

  23. honda civic hatch and i wanna swap a B series into it but idk what would ve a good tranny to put with that? any advice that would help?

  24. I have a 2001 prelude and the h22 vtec motor that it had trew a rod so I put another motor in it the same h22 vtec since we disconnect the harness we put the other motor and put that same harness but I put the positive cable tha goes on the fuse box I put it as a ground and now the car won’t start there’s no pulse or nothing on the distribuator I need help on what it can be ? And what you think it happens for the car wouldn’t b able to start? Thanks I would appreciate if you can help me

  25. Hey I am buying a 95 civic that has a engine swap, Found in: USDM DC2 Acura Integra Type-R (Integra Type-R)

    1997–2001 Integra Type-R (Note:1999 model CDM only)
    Displacement: 1,797 cc (109.7 cu in)
    Compression: 10.6:1
    Bore: 81 mm (3.2 in)
    Stroke: 87.2 mm (3.4 in)
    Rod Length: 137.9 mm (5.4 in)
    Rod/Stroke Ratio: 1.58
    Power: 195 hp (145 kW) @ 8000rpm & 130 lb·ft (176 N·m) @ 7500rpm
    Redline: 8400rpm (Fuel cut-off @ 8500rpm)
    VTEC Engagement @ 5,700 rpm
    Transmission: Y21 w/LSD

    I am wondering what other parts are required for this conversion for everything to work correctly? thank you 🙂

  26. ok, so i recently bought a 95 civic DX with a B18C1 and Ls tranny, i traded my R6 for it just so i could have another project. its definitely turned into one. well just the engine harness alone. the guy who did the swap or had it done says its been piggy backed and its there.. but i dont know what harness is there, my 02 sensor i think is cut so im running rich as hell, and then theres the vtec mess that isnt hooked up either. im guessing im going to have to run some kind of straight wire/s or splice from reading. all i know is that it looks like theres a few things not hooked up. its also running a p28 ecu that he says is chipped for vtec but i dont know how to tell. so all help would be much appreciated on this. i dont think its that hard once i know, i just dont know what im looking at as far as the harness. i do have pictures if that would help

  27. Ok i have a 94 honda civic lx. The auto tranny is bad in it. Can i use a tranny from a 93 del sol auto. An is it a bolt up or will i have to modify it.

  28. Quick question I have a b16a2 in my 99 ek hatch but I bought a 2000 gsr motor b18c1 what are all the things I have to do I’m currently obd2

  29. Hey I have a d16y7 from a 96 and I’m swapping in a d15b7 from a 94 with the trans. What exactly do I need from the 94 car before I junk it

  30. Hans,
    I have a 1997 civic ex 5spd bought for my son and looking for engine swap for more hp but still want to be daily driver or should i build what i have? 175k-runs good, some bearing noise in trans. Thanks Paul

  31. I have a 94 civic sedan. And I wanna make a four door sports car smoker. I wanna smoke stock subarus and evo. I right now have a 98 d16y7 block with a y8 head. Not to great. Help me out. My buddy has a 96 accord engine and Tran. And Ive read about the g22 swap. What you think I should do??

  32. is it possable to switch out my 91 honda civic engine for a 93 honda accord engine? if so, what will i need to do the converson?

  33. i have a 1998 honda civic lx d16y7 and i want to know if i can put a 1999? and if i have to get the harness for that engine.also is it legal to do that. will it fit with the same motor mount?

  34. i just bought a 91 accord(cb7 4dr) stock it has an f22 i believe is what it said on the engine..what swaps can i do to it or can i just do da h22a? what engine swaps would i be able to perform on it and what will i need?

  35. I’m looking to do a Swap from an ’89 Accord Lx-i to a F20B.
    Sound like a good idea?
    Will it bolt right up?
    Any wiring issues? Thank a million for the Help.
    Please email me with any responses, I’m kinda new on imports & stuff

  36. I have a 2000 Honda Civic EK GLI AUTOMATIC with a D16 in it. I want to swap a B16A2 Manual into this. Is there anything I have to do? Custom fabrication or can I just swap the motor straight over?

    • Hello Jae, good question. Not sure I remember exactly but I think it might be too tight, but I could be wrong. I might be thinking of the H22A in the Civic which is definitely too tight.

  37. i recently had a mechanic switch my 1996 honda civic engine with a 1996 honda civic vtec engine. Since Then I have had to return the car to mechanic twice and am very uncertain about his expertise in vtec conversions. The problem is this: When I get the car back it runs pretty good but over a short period of time, a day maybe two days i get major problems accelerating and cant get above 30-40 mph and the car jerks and sputters and it sounds a lot as if the engine is flooded. I think the conversion wasnt done completely and the vtec is shooting more gas than it is burning causing these problems. The mechanic blows off all my suggestions and does minimal, such as change fuel filter. I have also bought a new battery and distributor and this has not solved the problem. I cant keep throwing money into this car. pleasee please help

    • Hi Kevin, yeah you need to go see an expert. Unfortunately a lot of supposed engine swap mechanics are not experts at all. They just claim to be cause it’s cool and they can make money. Sounds like the wiring is not connected correctly, but it could be something else. Don’t waste your time and money with him.

    • Hi Zach, you need the engine, trans, ecu, axles and shift linkage from the B18B engine as well as a custom motor mount kit.

  38. hey hans i am in the middle of doing an lsvtec swap on my 94 integra i took out the stock ls and i have an already built lsvtec with a gsr head on it and i have a gsr intake mani but the intake mani has a diff egr and the throttle bracket doesnt match up on the gsr i thought it was all jus plug n play with b series

  39. I have a fully built gsr and i want to swap everything into a crx hatch..what would all of that entail? its a 94 gsr b18c1 id like to keep it all obd1

    • You will need a B series motor mount kit, 90-93 integra shift linkage, 90-93 integra drive shafts and a OBD0 to OBD1 ECU jumper harness.

    • Hello Vanessa, not much to be done with that car unfortunately. You’d would be better off getting a 91+ Prelude and dropping in a H22A.

  40. Hey! I blew the motor in my 94 civic DX. A couple friends were saying I should swap the D15B7 with an H22 prelude motor. Now whether or not I need to, I’m gonna swap the transmission out as well, but was curious as to what transmission I will need to get since the engine most likely won’t have one with it, and what modifications I will need to do to the wiring harness, and if I will need to modify the ECU as well. Thanks!

    • Hello Kal,

      If you are looking for a daily driver, than I don’t recommend that swap for your car. Besides needing a custom motor mount kit, axles, shift linkage, integra wiring harness you’ll also need to upgrade your brakes and suspension as the engine is heavier. I would recommend a B series swap. Either B16A or B18B or C.

      • Thanks Hans,
        One more question though. I’d like to keep the car street legal, but it won’t be my daily driver. I will have the time to piece it together, but not the money. Would it be easier to buy an integra and just swap the suspension and wiring harness over. I will probably just go with after market performance brakes anyway, just to b safe. So no concern there. I’d really like to keep the car looking as stock as possible though. I’ll probably go with a b series, but want to know my options in case I get real brave!!! Lol
        I really appreciate your feedback

        • Hi Kal, dropping the H22A into a Integra is a little easier. All you need is the custom motor mount kit plus the H22A engine, trans, ecu and shift linkage. You can use the Integra wiring harness and just rewire the 3 vtec wires. If you get a 94-95 Integra you won’t need to get a OBD1 ECU jumper harness. Plus the car will take the extra weight better but I would upgrade your suspension though.

  41. Hi,i wanna know that i have zc series engine in my integra and i am going to swap f18 in it.
    What i need to know is does the gear has the bolt on swap with f18 because i do not have f18’s gear with it.and what changes will be required during swaping .
    Thanks in advance for your guidance..

    • Hi Whenderson, You need the engine, trans, ecu, axles and shift linkage from the Integra. You can use your existing engine harness but just rewire the 3 VTEC wires.

  42. i have a 98 honda civic lx d16y7 non vtec.. i wanna know if i can makee it a vtec or do i need too swap another engine? whats the best thing to do?

    • Hello Charly,

      You can very easily make it VTEC by buying a D16Y8 SOHC VTEC engine. You’ll also need the ECU from that engine and you can use your existing wiring harness and just rewire the 3 VTEC wires. You can use your existing transmission, axles and shift linkage.

  43. I have a 88 crx si and I’m wondering what would be the best and easiest swap to do? It has a D16A6 in it! I wouldn’t mind finding another one but I want a vtech

    • Hello Devin, the best VTEC swap for you is the 88-91 Civic Si-R B16A DOHC VTEC engine from Japan. You will need the engine, trans, ecu, axles and shift linkage from the B16A as well as a custom motor mount kit. You will use your existing wiring harness but need to get the 3 vtec wires connected.

      • Is there a d series engine I could use so I won’t have to change my axles and my ECU which I have no idea how to change an ECU I new to this import hobby

  44. hi there
    does anyone here know the best engine swap for my CRV 1998 with more horse power,even engines made by another companies rather than HONDA?

  45. i have a 1995 Honda Accord ex vtec i need a new engine but i dont know if i should buy the same engine it has or i was wondering what fast engine from the Acura fits into my car?

    • Hello Edgar, the best engine swap you can do for your car is the Prelude 2.2L VTEC H22A engine. It drops directly into your car, you can use your existing axles and shift linkage and wiring harness. You just need to wire the 3 VTEC wires are you are good to go.

  46. I have a 95 lx accord 2.2on vtec that had a rod tear a hole in the engine block.
    I also have a 2002 civic ex that has needs transmission swap or rebuild. both are automatic. Which would be cheaper to fix? I would try to rebuild civic transmision myself.

  47. Hey I got a quick question. I have a 1995 Honda civic LX sedan (EG8) and it comes with the d15b7 engine non Vtec I want to buy a d16 head because I want to make it Vtec is there a possibility ? What head would be best for my b7 block. Maybe a d16y8 or d16z6 what’s the difference.


    • Hi Douglas, I would suggest you buy the entire D16Z6 (SOHC VTEC) engine, not just the block. It will save you some trouble on the long term.

  48. hey I was wondering would a d15 fit in my 2001 honda civic lx? I have someone offering me an entire swap for 400 dollars and really want to know. If you could reply asap I would really appreciate it.

  49. will a H22a DOHC vtec engine bolt rate in to a 88 honda pralude? if not what would i have to change to get it to work?

      • Hi i recently just bought a 2000 honda civic coupe and i wanted to know if i cud swap it for an ls/vech or what wud u reccomend ? Im new to this and im not a mechanic lol

  50. Hello Hans, really appreciate the great info you’re providing. have a question regarding my 1992 model Honda Concerto, chassis is MA2 and came with the D14A1 or D15B2 or the 1.6 ZC. I’m considering a swap which is a direct bolt on, preferably with no alteration in the engine mounting. What are your suggestions? Daily driver. I’ve been recommended D15b or the ZC, would like your input as well. Thanks!

  51. I would like to know when it comes to a b20z swap for another in a crv,,, does it matter if the tranny is auto in one and manual in the other ?

  52. I have a 98 Civic HX D16y5 5 speed, First I’d like to know if there’s another ECU I could install to improve overall performance? My second question is which motor do you think would be the better overall swap for the Y5 weighing in the overall performance gains v.s. the cost the Y8 or Z6? Am I gonna need a new harness ECU axels wire VTEC etc…..Will the 5 speed I have work with either swaps? Any insight or recommendations based upon your professional opinion are going to be appreciated.

  53. I am dropping a vtec b16 into my 97 civic lx, will a p2p-a33 ecu just plug and play with my 97 civics stock harness? Also the axels, should I get them the same year as the engine?

  54. Hello, i have a 91 civic 4 door dx with stock motor. The motor is blown so im doing a swap. Im going with a D16A8 or Zc dohc motor but im not sure which is better/recommended. What is everything i would need for this swap? Would i be a be able to use my stock axles and tranny for either motor? Stock wire harness from the d15 motor? Is there anything else i should look into?? I really need this answered asap! Thanks!

  55. Ok I have a 88 crx si and I’m rebuilding the d16a6 block but I’m wanting to put a y8 head on it to make it vtec. What all will I need to make this happen cause I have been doing research and everybody says something different. Need help please!

  56. I have a 1993 Honda civic hatchback. An want to put in a 1999 Honda civic si. Motor an trans b16 vetech . Have both the car an motor what do I do? Please help

  57. i have a 99 honda civic coupe dx shell with original wireharness and i built a little frankinstien motor its a 91 d16a6 block with an 96 ex head i built it with instaling a cps crank position senson already the motor cranks but there is not spark .. 🙁 whats wrong ? eny ideas

  58. And what would I need to do to have the 2000 si engine in my 2000 ex? Or do you kno what engine would be best to swap into my 00 civic ex? Thanks

  59. i have a honda civic hatchback 1996 with a stock 1.6 i wanna do a swap i found a moteur i want buy but dont know if it will be an easy fit or what i will need to do the swap i wanna put a k20k i vtec any suggestion ?

  60. Hi there

    I have a 95 Honda Civic Coupe with the D16z6 engine currently in it. The engine is bad now so, I need to swap for another. In researching, I am seeing a lot of the D16z6(ZC) model engines on the market as opposed to the US z6. I am hesitant to buy one because they are JDM models and I live in California (I just wanted to stay clear of any smog related issues). Is that a valid reason for apprehension? Also, will the ZC swap into my civic without any issues and are there any tricks or specifics I should know about?

  61. i have a 95 honda civic dx, i want to replace my pistons and rods instead of doing a motor swap, will that be a good idea instead, if so what pistons and rods are the best out there and are there some out there that will directly drop in

  62. Frustrated father, I have a 2001 Honda Civic DX with a blown motor 1.7L as a result most likely from over revving. Can I put the 1.7l si engine in without many difficulties or modifications.

    • Hello Brandon, I wouldn’t recommend that swap. You should get a D16Y8 (96-00) engine instead. The D16Z6 is from 92-95. However, if you absolutely want to do that swap you will need to do some wiring work to make the OBD1 distributor work with your OBD2 ECU.

  63. hi hans,i have a d16z6 1995 honda civic ex coupe and i want to switch the motor out for a b18a1 engine and was asking if the trans will mount up to the engine when swaping

  64. i have a 99 integra with a blown motor, im considering buying a 93 prelude and wondering if i can use the motor out of it? any suggestions?

    • Hi Darion, yes you can use the 93 B18 engine in your 99 Integra, however, I don’t recommend it. I would buy a 98+ B18B for your 99 Integra.

    • Hi Jesus, yes it will, but will require some wiring since your 95 civic is OBD1 and your 99 engine is OBD2. But can definitely be done.

    • Hi Earl, you’ll need the engine and ECU from the D16Y8 engine, as well as an ECU jumper harness, since your car is OBD1 and the engine is OBD2. You can use your existing transmission.

  65. I have a 90 acura ls motor b18a1 wondering if I could use 96 ls transmission I upgraded wire harness to 96 with 96 ecu. can anybody help thanks

    • Hi Hiram, yes you can but you’ll just need to do some customization to your wiring harness. But definitely doable. I suggest you get someone who has experience with these types of swaps, it will save you some headache.

  66. Hello,

    i have a 1998 acura integra Rs with a b18b1
    And i was wondering if i could swap it with a K20 from the RSX…?
    I went to a japanese shop earlier and he had a K20 for $900.00 usd
    But i thought it was for a k20 with 200 hp ?

    • Hi Manny,

      $900 for a K20 is probably for the black-top 160HP version and probably just for the engine, no trans included.

      I am guessing you would be looking for the K20A Type-R with 200HP. That will run you close to $4k with the trans, ecu, wiring, etc.

      Here is an interesting post which explains the swap,

    • Hi Pat, you will need the engine, trans, ecu, axles, shift linkage and custom motor mount kit (Hasport or whichever). Since your car already has VTEC, you will just need to connect 1 additional wire.

  67. Hi, I have a Honda 2001 ES Civic (LXi) (dimension ph version) 1.5L, SOHC, Non VTec, OBD2 port. WIll the tranny of a D15B fit this engine and will the ECU work with this?

    • Hi Aden, yes most, if not all D series engines and trans can be interchanged. From the specs of your car it doesn’t look to be a North American vehicle. What year D15B trans and ECU do you want to swap it for?

  68. hello..i have a 2002 civic ex and i was wondering if any of the k series would fit. the k20 or the k24. would it work smoothly. it doesnt have to be the type s. i jut want a dohc..:)

  69. type r sorry and what all would i need and how much would it cost obviously the typr r is the most but i would still like the k24 or the si k20.. thanks

  70. OK and also will it take a lot of fabrication to say put the black top in? Some sites say I need subframes and a lot of other stuff..and would a swap kit be a route to go? To bypass looking for the parts.

  71. i have a 96 civic with a 1.6 single over head cam trying to swap b20b that i took off a 98 integra into it. what would i need the most. harness and ecm off the same b20b. Could i use the same transmission off the 1.6. and also what about the intake??? if you could help me i would really appreciate it.

    • Hi Mario, whether you are installing a B20B (CRV) or B18B (Integra), you will need the B18B (Integra) transmission, axles and shift linkage when swapping it into a Civic. For the wiring harness you will use the existing one (Civic) but will need to rewire the 3 VTEC wires.

  72. Hey I have a 93 4dr integra b18a1 and want to swap my 2000spec jdm b18c typeR into it what all will need to buy for the swap to make it easy thanks for your time.

  73. Hi Shawn, your Civic trans will not fit a B series engine. However you can use your existing wiring harness but the ECU must be from the B18.

  74. i have a 99 el . wanna swap a b18b1 into it i have a trans off of a b18a1 would this swap be a direct bolt in except for the ecu ?

  75. hi im alec, i have a honda crx and i already mounted F20B the case is that axles with intermediate shaft of F/H series are TOO RARE in the Philippines. Do you have an idea if the intermediate shaft fit my stock EF outer axles? Or can i use B16’s intermediate shaft? if you could help me i’d appreciate it

    • Mike,
      The best engines to swap into your car is the K20A’s from the Acura Type-R (Japan), Acura Type-S and the Civic Si. (K20A, K20A2 and K20A3 respectively). There is also the K24 engine from the Acura TSX.

      If you are looking for a cheaper option: swap in a D17A2 (01-05 Civic EX). That will give you a small increase in horsepower (127hp vs your 115hp). It’s the easiest swap to do other than a newer D17A1.

      Hope that helps.

    • Hello Dave,

      Yes you can. You interchange all engines from Honda Civic’s. If you don’t care about it being VTEC, just don’t connect those wires from the engine to the ECU. If your car already doesn’t have VTEC, Then there is nothing to worry about. Just drop the engine in and go.

  76. I have a 99 B18C1 gsr and I have an engine harness from a 99 B20 will I be able to use the B20 harness in my Gsr ?

  77. hey i have an 01 civic ex d17a2 and i need a new tranny , what is the best possible upgrade for it and will the d16y7 and 8 bolt right in or will there be linkage complications and how difficuld would that be to manuever? thanks , your awsome i see u help many people.

  78. Can the a/c compressor from a single head zc fit on a d15b? And what other ac compressor can mount to a d15b? Thank for your help in advance

  79. i have a 2000 honda civicc ex vtec blown motor in it tryng to replace motor with a 93 civic ex vtec egine got everything bolted up and in but wont go ? what all do i need to swap i have both cars

  80. I have a 94 Civic DX Coupe with:
    1.5L Non-Vtec
    My car was stolen who ever took it blew the motor in my car & I just wanted to know what Motors will be able to bolt to my transmission and yes I would like to upgrade to a Vtec as well can someone please give me some advice and this is my first Honda I’ve ever owned and I love it so can anyone help me with anything

  81. i just recently bought a 94 cx hatchback and i was curious about how i can get the most horsepower outve this vehicle via engine swap- wondering if a k24a would fit into my cx or am i looking in the wrong place? and also what else would need to be done along with the engine swap itself… help!!!!

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