JDM Prelude H22A VTEC Engine Specs


JDM Honda Prelude H22A DOHC VTEC Engine

Motor Code: H22A

Chassis Code: BB4-BB6

Displacement: 2195

Power: 200hp @ 6800rpm

Torque: 151 lb. ft. @ 6500rpm

Compression: 10.6:1

Bore: 87mm

Stroke: 90.7mm

Ignition: Direct


Cylinders: 4


Production: 1992-2001 JDM Honda Prelude

Special Features: None


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  1. i have a currently swapped d16y7 i wanna swap with faster more reliable vtec and its in my 92 civic 4dr! would it fit? if so what is the obd for both? and also what other engines would you suggest?

  2. Andy Noguez on

    I am thinking about making a drag car and im leaning toward a sr20 det s15 but two things is it worth the money or should i just go with the s13 or 14 and up grade fuel n air. The second thing i do not have a big budget i was wondering if the factory tranny will hold up like the older model celica tranny.

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